See below the impressive list of Preventative Maintenance (PM) work PLI carries out for these leading industrial companies: (including GROVE-TK Limited Approval letter PDF) Plus, here is our Full Project History List since 1998 to present (2015)

Pressure Lube was contracted by B.P. Oil Kwinana Refinery to carry out all work relating to lubricating/sealing valves in all areas. Work included replacing lubrication fittings with Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Vent Cap Fittings manufactured by PLI.

Alinta Asset Services are currently purchasing PLI’s Marine Grade 316 Stainless steel Vent Cap Fittings.

Santos are currently purchasing on a monthly basis PLI Synthetic Sealant/Synthetic Lubricant & Valve Flush. High Pressure Lubrication equipment is already in use.

After Pressure Lube successfully sealed operations on 3 client valves in Bangladesh, McConnell Dowell purchased a full Lubricating/Sealing package including a compressor.

Apache Engery contracted to change all lubrication fittings, body drain and body bleeds for offshore platforms and main island terminal. Currently requested to carry out full lubrication and sealing PM program for platforms and terminal on a regular basis.

Occidental Petroleum of Qatar are responsible for all valve preventative maintenance on offshore platform PSI. All lubrication fittings changed out and new Dbase in place. All valves for new projects pre-commissioned by PLI before installation. Oxy Letter PDF

La Nouvelle Oil Gas are currently purchasing equipment and Pressure Lube’s SS Vent Cap Fittings.

Maersk successfully demonstrated sealing a bottom aster valve offshore and allowed work over to start.

Qatar General Petroleum Company started PM program in 1998 on offshore platforms PS2, PS3 & PS4. During shutdown periods all Lubrication Fittings changed out for 316SS Vent Cap Fittings.

Qatar Gas are currently purchasing a range of equipment and products.

Aramco are the largest oil and gas producer in the world. PLI designed and manufactured self contained lubrication and sealing skid for pipeline maintenance. Aramco have purchased more than 20 units, which will be a standard order over the next few years in all fields. In June 1998 PLI was contracted to look after 200 wells on a full time basis.


Edeco are currently purchasing on a regular basis our high pressure lubrication equipment PLI Synthetic Sealant, Lubricant, Valve Flush and our 316SS Vent Cap Fittings.

Conoco are currently purchasing equipment and all products. Changing out all lubrication fittings for 316 SS Vent Cap Fittings.

Shell Oil are currently purchasing equipment and all products. Changing out all lubrication fittings for 316 SS Vent Cap Fittings.


Bacton Power Station Great Yarmouth are currently using all equipment and products.