Safety Tools

Safety Vent Coupler

The S.V.C. is used on the end of a lube whip hose to vent pressure between S.V.C. and lube fitting. It has a LA114 lube adapter. Download PDF drawing: pli-svc PART NUMBER: PLI-SVC

Pressure Lube International Leak Lock Fitting PLI-LLF

Leak Lock Fitting

The L.L.F. connects to a giant button head fitting. It is used as a lube adapter or to seal a leaking giant button head fitting. Download PDF drawing: pli-ll

Pressure Lube International Pressure Relief Tool PLI-PRT

Pressure Relief Tool

The PLI Pressure Relief Tool is used to screw onto the lube fitting to vent pressure. Download PDF drawing: pli-prt PART NUMBER: PLI-PRT