Pressure Lube International Easiflow Vented Cap Giant Button Head PLI-EFLF-GBH

Easiflow Vented Cap Giant Button Head

The PLI Easiflow Vented Cap Giant Button Head suits both 1″UNS and giant button head* attachment – a combination Long Stem fitting is also available. All manufacturing process, materials used and the internal components of the PLI-EFLF-GBH are the same as PLI-EFLF fitting, The only difference is the addition of the GBH groove. n.b. (The giant […]

Pressure Lube International Junk Ring PLI-JR

Junk Ring

The Junk Ring is manufactured to order with different configurations, materials and plating available on request. Download PDF drawing: pli-pgpl-jr

Pressure Lube International Easy Flow 60 Degrees PLI-EFLF-60D

Easiflow 60 Degrees

This image of the Easy Flow Lube Fitting shows the parallel thread and 60 degree sealing shoulder.

Pressure Lube International Cavity Plug PLI-CP

Cavity Plug

Download PDF drawing: pli-cp

Pressure Lube International Packing Glands PLI-PG

Packing Glands

Manufactured to order; different configurations, materials & plating available on request. Download PDF drawing: pli-pgpl-jr

Pressure Lube International Body Bleed Fitting PLI-BB

Body Bleed Fitting

The B.B.F. is used to drain the body cavity pressure. Download PDF drawing: pli-bb

Pressure Lube International pli-ic-sm

Internal Check Fitting

The Marine Grade 316 stainless steel PLI Internal Check Fitting (PLI-IC) is installed before the lube fitting. Download PDF drawing: pli-ic

Pressure Lube International Packing Injection Fitting PLI-PIF

Packing Injection Fitting

The P.I.F. is installed to the stem of a valve to assist in stem sealing. Download PDF drawing: pli-pif PART NUMBER: PLI-PIF

Pressure Lube International Pressure Relief Valve PLI-PRV

Pressure Relief Valve

The PRV is installed into the body of the valve to prevent over pressurising and damage to a valve. Download PDF drawing: pli-prv

Pressure Lube International Easiflow Long Stem PLI-EFLF-LS

Easiflow Long Stem

Easiflow Lube – Fitting Long Stem fitting suits both 1″ UNS and giant button head* attachment – a combination fitting is also available. *n.b. (the giant head button reduces pressure rating of the fitting) Download PDF drawing: pli-eflfls

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Easiflow Vented Cap

Download PDF drawing: pli-eflf PREAMBLE The philosophy behind the Easiflow Lubricant Injection Fitting with Vented Cap & all lubrication Injection fittings places great importance on the integrity of back seating (non return) capacity. In cases where check valves within a valve body at lubricant injection points fail to back seat in service, the grease or […]