Diesel Air Compressor, Injection Pumps & Test Equipment

Pressure Lube International Whip Hose PLI-WP

Whip Hose

The PLI Whip Hose is an integral part of the pump’s delivery and safety feature. A short flexible high pressure hose allows the operator to step back from the valve and still have control of flow and isolation via the stainless steel ball valve. There is a universal Z-swivel with a 90 degree elbow and […]

Pressure Lube International PM3 Pump - 7,500 PSI. PLI-PM3-7PSI

PM3 Pump – Premium

The PLI PM3 Powermaster Pump (Premium) – 7,500 psi high pressure lubricating and sealing pump. The PM3 pump is good for injecting lubricant or sealant in to any size Gate, Plug or Ball Valve. PART NUMBER: PLI-PM3-7PSI PRM

Pressure Lube International Diesel Air Compressor PLI-DPAC-ES

Diesel Air Compressor

The PLI Diesel Air Compressor with Electric Start. PART NUMBER: PLI-DPAC-ES

Pressure Lube International Open Skid UNIT PLI-OSU

Open Skid Unit

Open Skid Unit with Power Master 3 Lubrication Sealant Pump, 38 litre tank with 10,000 PSI, liquid flush pump, two supply hose reels and full pneumatic control cabinet. Designed for the back of a 4×4 pickup or a light truck. All equipment is air operated and assembled on a heavy duty steel protective frame. PART […]

Custom Open Skid Unit

The Custom Open Skid Unit (COSU) is designed and used for pumping Lubricant/Sealant and Liquid Flush into a well head, pipeline and process plant valves in the oil & gas industry. The frame size and pumps can be modified to suit application COSU consists of two Lincoln PM3 lubrication/sealant pumps, stainless steel 38 litre liquid […]

Pressure Lube International Aluminium Trolley PLI-AT-T

Aluminium Trolley

The PLI Sturdy Aluminium Trolley, 4 pneumatic wheels for carrying service equipment throughout process plant. Complete with tie-downs and product and air hose reels. PART NUMBER: PLI-AL-T

Pressure Lube International Diesel Air Compressor (Zone 2) PLI-DPAC-Z2

Diesel Air Compressor (Zone 2)

ZONE 2 Diesel Powered Air Compressor, 30 CFM, 10HP, PULL start, diesel motor, 45 litre receiver, filter regulator with two quick air connectors for air hoses, all electrics are removed. Emergency and auto shut down controls, spark arrested motor. All assembled on a heavy duty protective steel frame designed to work in the dessert. PART […]

Pressure Lube International PLI-CCR

Calibrated Chart Recorder

10,000 PSI Calibrated Chart Recorder as part of an integrity testing rig. The whole unit is ounted in a hinged door stainless steel cabinet, fully weather sealed and lockable.

Pressure Lube International PM3 Pump - 14,000 PSI PLI-PM3-14PSI

PM3 Pump -14,000 psi

The PLI Powermaster III – 14,000 psi, high pressure lubricating and sealing pump. This unit is the same frame height as the PM3 7,500 but has a 14,000 PSI lube/sealant pump for the extreme high pressure service work – good for servicing any size valve.

Bucket Pump – Lightweight

The PLI Bucket Pump (lightweight) with 8,500 PSI is used for sealant and lubricating pumping. PMV 8,500 PSI Bucket Pump is designed as a compact lightweight, a high-pressure unit that is easily carried in a helicopter. Good for servicing up to 12” ball valves. PART NUMBER: PLI-BP-LW

Pressure Lube International Flash Pump - S.S. Tank Trolley PLI-FP-SS-TT

Flush Pump – S.S. Tank Trolley

The PLI Stainless Steel Tank Trolley Flush Pump holds 28 litres of liquid valve flush, used for injecting liquied valve flush into valve for cleaning internal lube ports & components prior to lubing. PART NUMBER: PLI-FP-SS-TT